nothing sure everything is possible

These blogs are about everything that contributes to you BEING 100% YOU-nique! The real you! The YOU that is so often hidden, even from YOUrself.

Ever felt like there had to be more to life? Ever felt like you were missing ‘something’? Ever felt like a ‘misfit’? Ever wondered why the same situation seems to show up again and again? Ever just felt like celebrating living and being so filled with joy that you could burst? Ever been looking for practical tools to bring about change that is quick and easy?

Welcome. I’m Trilby Johnson and I love collaborating with people and facilitating them in achieving their Authentic Self-Actualization.  This means taking that step outside of your comfort zone ….. because that is where your real Life begins.  I will challenge current belief systems, because they are what is holding you back from other and greater possibilities. Yes, even the “good” ones. And I have some great tools and skills that can support this and add practical value to your way of Living.
Only YOU can choose for you. Now, how much fun can we have together ?

In Light.

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6 thoughts on “About THE CONNECTIVE BLOG

  1. I needed to share this specific blog post, “BE YU Well-Being” together with my own good friends on facebook.

    I actuallyjust planned to pass on ur outstanding writing!

    Many thanks, Kina

  2. Trilby is a gifted teacher ~ but more than that, a channel of energy. I think of her as a horseshoe or a circuit of some kind – she does a transfusion of inner basic energy – and cleans it all up! What comes through her and into the world is valuable!

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